Kampala’s Top Five Restaurants For Valentine’s Day

With the season of romance comes a lot of red, shedding the valentine aura all over the place; but nothing spells ‘I love you’ like good food; lip smacking good food.

The season comes with a barrage of hand in hand pairs flooding the finest wines and dineslittered all over Kampala. Others take it a notch higher and hide away in country side resorts, feasting on freshly caught barbeque and sitting at bonfires. The flame is on hotter this year since the D-day has an event rush with ash Wednesday and champions league being love’s most daring rivals. Luckily for the soccer lovers, there are lots of fast-food items to choose from and calm down the highly expectant dates, and that includes Cafesserie’s marinated pork ribs.

Scroll down to find out which among the following fast-food treats you can give yourself and loved one this Valentine.

5. Meza

“Honestly some of the best food I’ve tasted in my time in Kampala. Get the chicken wrap with the garlic mayo sauce and the chili sauce. Douse it generally in the said sauces and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed,” said Gabriel J, a satisfied customer.

This photo of Meza is courtesy of TripAdvisor


In case you want to give your spouse a foreign touch this valentine’s day, Meza is overflowing with Middle Eastern Mediterranean treats; we just found the place for you.

4. Carnival

This meat heaven has stood the test of time with the mouth-watering variety of unlimited meats they serve at a cost of only Ushs. 50,000. It’s definitely the place for anyone that would want to eat till they drop in a cool and quiet African atmosphere.

This might be your chance to go crocodile on some crocodile.

3. The Bistro


The tales of The Bistro’s superb service and irresistible environment have echoed for a while now, which had me thinking, everyone would love to be treated like a king once in a while. Their uniquely awesome food only spreads an extra topping on the cake and the ‘warm tortilla salad’ is a definite legendary treat. Lover of salad or not, this is something you want to have.

2. Mediterraneo

We know Kololo to be the area with the most unbeatable eat outs but this place sure does stand out. Nothing exquisite comes at a small price though, so you might want to have a very healthy wallet, especially if you intend to be the family guy this Valentine’s day.

Entreat yourself and loved ones to just about any meal at this place depending on your cravings. Don’t be shy to crave big but I say to try out their breakfast offer that day. I’ve heard good things about the poached eggs and toast they serve.

1. Café Javas

There’s just no going wrong with Café Javas. A place for people all ages and nationalities, with a rich menu backed heavily by a crazy head chef. Seriously though, where does the chef get his recipes?! You can literally order anything on the menu and wish it could be your new home. Order yourself some lemon and herb chicken and give your tongue a trip to deliciousness it cannot comprehend.

I most definitely cannot exclude my friends with a sweet-tooth. Get yourself or your sweet-tooth spouse soul touching cakes from Haven Bakery and/or The bread House and valentine’s day will be a beautiful wrap.

Author: Patience Orom

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